Couch set Laura


Pohovka laura


A timeless couch set with a number of possible arrangements.
Laura offers a structure made of spruce and beech in combination with plywood and high-quality 18 mm thick laminated particle board.
The firmness of the seats is further ensured by sinuous springs and high resilience foams. The backrest also comes with removable cushions, which allows for easier maintenance and increases the size of the sofa bed when unfolded. Laura also comes in an alternative variation, with generous storage space under the seats replacing the sofa bed.
The legs of the couch set are of solid beech wood, which can be stained in a shade as desired and finished with a polyurethane varnish. Three other metal alternatives are also available.
Various combinations of upholstery and leg types can be tested in our Custom design program.
Laura is shipped in individual parts, packed in cardboard and bubble wrap.

Pohovka Laura







Corner variation of Laura couch set with a chaise lounge

Laura příst.RX


All orders for the displayed products can be placed at your nearest retailer. The products will be custom-made with atypical requests met if desired, and the goods delivered anywhere in the Czech Republic.

The couch set can include any combination of the above-mentioned items, with the possibility of ordering an additional couch, armchairs or stools if desired.

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